TF2 Connexion Movie Contest, powered by ROCCAT


July 26th Announcement
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KazZy — Hello TF2 community!

As you might already know, the frenchies run a successful TF2 league for a long time called TF2Connexion. And today we are proud to announce a new France/Germany partnership between TF2Connexion and ROCCAT, top manufacturer of professional gaming peripherals and accessories!

Cool story bro you say? Well, that’s not all! Following the glorious BYPCOMP Movie Competition ROCCAT and TF2Connexion launch a new TF2 Movie Contest!


This contest is open to all european citizens, moviemakers will have to make the best TF2-related video possible to win the prizes ROCCAT are offering!

Jury will be composed of community heroes  Pledge &  Bones,  Kustom3, the long haired shoutcaster  Remitche and the manager of the TF2Connexion Youtube Channel and moviemaker   JiPse.

You will be marked on the quality of frags, the music and the editing.

Prizes :

 1st : 50€ + ROCCAT Isku FX + ROCCAT Kone XTD
 2nd : 25€ + ROCCAT Lua

 Highest placed Frenchman : 25€ + ROCCAT Lua

The deadline for this competition is September 29th. Please see this thread for more information!

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iksD top 5 plays returns! Edited by siN and hosted by Pledge


September 16th News
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Pledge — A while ago there used to be a highlight series done by iksD videos. I actually did commentary on one of their top 5 videos. They’ve disappeared for a while, but their editor siN has taken it upon himself to restart the project. I got asked to do the commentary – I messed up loads but managed to make it work in the end – and then the first edition of the renewed iksD top 5 plays was here. I’d like to share the video with you guys, as siN himself didn’t trust in his English skills to make a proper article. Enjoy the video, submit your demos to the link provided at the end of the video and maybe you’ll be featured in the next edition of the iksD top 5 plays!


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Boneyard Productions Movie Competition powered by Tt-eSPORTS


June 29th News
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BoneS — Yaaooow! It’s a green screen ting. If you haven’t already heard on the TF2 vine, I am running a movie editing competition with some awesome prizes so check out the video below where I am making a complete spud of myself. You can get more details over on the ETF2L forums at the following link. Happy editing and good luck.

Link to the ETF2L Forum Topic.

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VanillaTV – Fragmovies of the Month – February


April 3rd Movies
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CUBE — Just to let you guys know that the weather in England finally turned back to its usual rainy self and I was forced indoors to finish editing.

Huge thanks to the movie panel:  Skyride,  BoneS,  FreezeR and  decap for helping with the reviews.

Upvotes to help this get seen please!

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VanillaTV YouTube Update


February 21st Feature
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CUBE —  It’s been a while since I’ve written an update regarding the VanillaTV YouTube Channel, so here’s a news post to let you know what we’ve been up to and what we’ve got planned for the coming months.

Fragmovies of the Month

For any of you that haven’t seen, a couple of days ago we released a new series called VanlliaTV Fragmovies of the Month, which rates and reviews TF2 Fragmovies from the previous month and provides links to the full movies. The idea behind this is to help editors gain more exposure for their fragmovies and also to hopefully increase the quality of the fragmovies by giving new editors an idea as to what people look for in a fragmovie.

I want to give a massive thanks to  BoneS and  Skyride for helping me review the videos and since releasing the video, I have also been approached by decap and  FreezeR who will now be joining the panel to help rate and review in future months.

We’ve had some great feedback since releasing the video and will start thinking about which movies to review for February very soon, expect to see the February video around mid-March.

More updates after the jump…

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Movies of the Month


January 7th Movies
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Torden — Before they folded, Torn Productions’ Decap was in the works of making them a frag movie. He didn’t get to complete it, but he rendered it out and the frags do the talking!

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Mixer #3 – Notch vs Robin Walker


November 7th Movies
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Torden — It’s starting to gain foothold this Ashkan‘ian monkey business. The latest installment features a new height of impressive names on the roster of invited celebrities to play 9v9 TF2, including a soldier showdown between former quakers  Notch (creator of Minecraft), and TF2′s own  Robin Walker. The game is commented by Nvc and Salamancer, with part 1 already racking up half a million views on facetube after a couple of days.

The bros at KritzKast made a dedicated site a while back, with all the details, demos and everything (including the 2 former matches). It’s at Part 1/2: Badwater:

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