Torden — With all div1 and prem games now played, ETF2L are announcing what’s coming next. Perhaps more imminently, the cancellation of Beavern‘s ban. If you haven’t been paying attention, he was banned last year for alleged use of aimbot. It’s been a controversial decision, which sent the up and comers in Quarantine soaring to the TF2 underworld (otherwise known as Wireplay), now reverted after a review by the current AC team.

The technical effects won’t be much, as the ban would’ve been over before the start of season 11. -But, most importantly, it wipes the slates clean, without any need to go win a lan for Epsilon. It’s been a tough time for the players involved, time that can’t be taken back, but the sitting AC team does deserve recognition for courageously going against internet protocol: Admitting to a mistake, albeit mistakes made by former AC members.

On behalf of the Vanilla team, I’d like to offer Beavern a warm welcome back.
Now, onto teams and playoffs.