Relic vs CKRAS


October 20th Matches
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Trell — Unfortunately due to M0re being stuck at work, this game is cancelled.

Tonight sees yet another Premiership clash, this time between a Relic team who are currently flying high after beating their old namesakes, Dignitas.  After a shaky start to the season, where they lost to Crack Clan, it seems that the team of  Darn and company have really stepped their game up, with a streak of 2 consecutive wins over the aforementioned Diggy and equilibrium.

CKRAS however, haven’t fared too badly themselves, with only 1 loss in their first games, to Infused – and a suprise draw with Epsilon this week.

Things are tight at the top of the table as it stands right now, with Epsilon not quite leading the pack as was expected – we are only 4 games into the season, but already it seems as if Relic, CrackClan, Infused and Epsilon are all pushing for the glory of winning, with very little to choose between them.

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Epsilon eSports vs Crack Clan TONIGHT


October 19th Matches
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Trath — After yesterdays big match was not viewable due to  some STV mixup or error ( if anyone knows anything, I pay cash), we can have ourselves a rest, with having what I think is the most anticipated game for the last few weeks.  Epsilon Esports are going to battle it out with Crack Clan on good old granary, followed up by the  Byte masterminded map, cp_obscure_remake_rc1. Both teams have been showing outstanding performance over the last few weeks, this really is a clash of the titans!  Assuming we have a regular roster from both teams (I know Crack Clan are), we will have the following:

I think perhaps the most interesting will be the clash of scouts, seeing how beast they’ve all been playing lately. It’s not like I’m trying to dictate you what to watch on the STV or something :P

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Dignitas vs Dignitas (*Relic)


October 18th Matches
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Trath — Yup, it’s Team Dignitas going against the former Dignitas, now known as Relic AKA TF2 Godfathers. It seems like a match that will decide whether current Dignitas were the right guys to carry on the torch :D   Anyhow, we’ve seen Dignitas playing solidly since the start of Season 10 ( and before ), which is not something we can account to Relic, who, based on their last couple of games, seem to be finding it hard to adjust to their current lineup.  Will we see a new era finalized by this match?  I’m looking forward to it!

Casting will be provided by VanillaTV from 21:15 CEST, STV info wasn’t provided in time – so the cast tonight is now YYT vs IDK – with  Salamancer once more taking the reins, and tonight, he will be joined by the legend that is  AcidRenix.

eu I Don't Know? Santa, evokje , huhy, Ceder, Rake, droso

I Don't Know?

Yoyotech eu Linus, Origo, TviQ, Cyber, TheSucker, Hat

ETF2L Season 10 - Division 1B - Week One
  • Tuesday October 18th
  • 21:15 cest
  • 15:15 edt (na)
  • 07:15 est (aus)
  • No cast information available

Who will win this match?

  • Yoyotech (60%, 31 Votes)
  • I Don't Know? (35%, 18 Votes)
  • Tie (6%, 3 Votes)

Total Voters: 52

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ETF2L predictions, week 3 – division 1


October 13th News
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Torden — Division 1 is thinning out, Vital/Boner, Übersexuals and Level^ are out, while “Respawn Romancers” appear to be out of commission, starting their week2 at week5. Last week saw our first predicted point share between Vital and Trick17, in what appears to have been a close game. Xen team also got a taste of Gravel Pit madness, losing valuable points to MIPC after having steamrolled on Gullywash (or was it Gully last?). Division favourites Broder and Yoyotech asserted a hand on the prize with dominant games against Illegal and Blast respectively.

Due to bugs in Valve’s Gravel Pit, ETF2L has quite generously offered to allow teams to choose a different map this week. Considering the originality of our competitive community, we’ll go with the assumption week3 maps are Badlands and Granary. Joining me for predictions this week are Skeej (VYE), Hat (Yoyotech), Drosophile (idk?), Zebbosai (Broder), and Fish (renoB) who’s even helped out with the write ups.

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ETF2L predictions, week 2 – division 1a


October 6th Feature
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Torden — A bit of a weird week, as the Vital roster folded, handing the org over to Rejects. Now Fish’ crew is set to rebuild under the old “renoB” name, however with the team being marked as dropped, there’s no official word on their proceedings for week2.

Last week provided no real upsets, whilst showing some interesting stats on badlands vs gully, as all the latter had much more 1 sided games than the former for all 3 match ups. Perhaps most notable, the 5-4 nailbiter between underdog Rejects (now Vital) and favourite broder. This week may make for a change regarding upsets, as Gravel Pit is introduced to the mix, a map sometimes known for providing coin toss results. The 2nd map is Gullywash.

Joining me for predictions this week are Division 1B’s  Drosophile (idk?), Evokje (idk?), Skeej (Visualize Your Enmity), and Hat (Yoyotech).

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Crack Clan vs Relic


October 5th VanillaTV
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Trath — Ladies and Gentlemen, it was supposed to be a big day for the Premier League, with 3 matches being played tonight.  Sadly, it seems Epsilon vs CKRAS has been cancelled, along with Relic vs Equilibrium too. But have no fear, we are left with a Relic match! Relic will be playing vs none other than this summer’s ESL Prem Final winner, Crack Clan, who from now on, are permanently dubbed “Spanrael“.  

As you will probably recall, the former K1ck Esports team broke up after winning the ESL League, and the future didn’t seem bright.  After they reformed and went into div 1, the Jews still had a little pride in themselves. With Team Thermaltake dropping, and Royze coming back to the Medigun position, Crack Clan took the Prem spot.  Now, in their first Official match since the breakup/reform, it seems like this could be an open match where anything is possible, the once-underdogs could me making a comeback!

Tune in at 21:15 CEST with  Sal and  Greg, live on VanillaTV to catch the action as it unfolds.

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Season10 map polls + epeens


August 22nd News
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Torden — First things first, the latest season awards granted our site a People’s choice award for our TF2 coverage, as well as a Special recognition award for yours truly. -A hearty thanks to all the voters (except for the bastards that didn’t vote for us, you’re dead to us), my mum has already been notified. The biggest winners this season, the fresh champions Team Thermaltake, picking up awards for Fair playDemoman, Medic and Soldier, Congratulations!

This of course, isn’t that interesting for anyone except for the award winners. The real juice lies in ETF2L’s newly announced poll for a 6 maps pool in season10, including newcomers Viaduct and Obscure_remake. Admins have previously indicated their intentions of restricting unlockable weapons to a handful, with the real cause intrigue lying in the faith of 1 weapon: “the Faggotstick”.

Just for the hell of it, here’s a poll (and remember, it’s important to repeat your vote in comments + insult all the other ones):

What's your preference?

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