Server providers part 1 –


June 25th Review
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Arie — In this first part of a series on server providers, But first things first: I wrote the reservation system. This makes the research for this article really easy for me and any conclusions about the quality of the service undoubtly biased. ;) If you hate walls of text, there’s a TL;DR list of pros/cons at the end.

Serveme 'logo'

Serveme homepage

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Article interest check: Server providers comparison


June 24th Review
Tagged: fragnet HiperZ hypernia multiplay provider

Arie — This is an interest check for an article comparing TF2 server providers. It would compare the following providers (or more) based on price, control panels, support, network, locations and customer experiences:

Fragnet, Hiperz, Hypernia, (huehuehue)

Leave a comment if you’d like to see such an article, are a lover/hater of one of these server providers, or know a decent TF2 server provider that I’ve missed.

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