ETF2L Season 10 Finale!


December 15th News
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Crasp — As the Christmas holidays approach, ETF2L’s Season 10(!) comes to an end which can only mean one thing – the Final of the Premier Division Playoffs!

 Infused.Tt, who finished the main season in first place, face third-placed  Epsilon eSports, who fought their way past Relic and Crack Clan to reach the final.

We will be bringing you all the action here at VanillaTV, streamed in delicious quality by  Shrike and casted by the dynamic duo,  AcidRenix & Beta!

The match is scheduled for 21.15 CET so you have plenty of time to come home from work, or school, or any other institution you may be required to attend during the day. In the meantime, go read  Kaidus‘s preview to the match on Cadred.

uk Team Infused dunc, numlocked, Mike, quad, flisko, Greg

Team Infused
Epsilon eSports

Epsilon eSports eu wltrs, shocky, F2, randa, GeaR, KnOxXx

ETF2L Season 10 Playoffs, Final

Who will win this match?

  • Epsilon eSports (62%, 145 Votes)
  • Infused.Tt (45%, 105 Votes)

Total Voters: 233

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Steelseries Xai review


June 26th Feature
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Arie — A while ago I had to help out a friend with no money, no job and a ton of student debt (hi Joseph!) who broke his mouse. I sent him a Steelseries Xai, the same mouse he managed to break. With this new mouse he won…a Steelseries Xai. A couple of weeks later this mouse was delivered to me, and here’s my review of it. This mouse has been on the market for about 2 years now, but I had no intention of getting one before, so please excuse this rather late review.


The last few years Steelseries has emerged as a ‘big’ manufacturer of gaming peripherals, offering mice, keyboards, headsets and mousepads. Like any other manufacturer of gaming-related peripherals they offer some great products and some totally crap ones. After the review you’ll know in which category I judge the Xai to be.

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