South African Fortress: 16Bit TF “Frags & Affection” Ultiduo


February 12th Commentary
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Lolita — South Africa kicked off their very first Ultiduo this weekend in the spirit of man love and Valentines Day. Seeing a great interest from the community the Elimination round, Prelims and Semi Finals heated up this Saturday to an exciting conclusion as to who will proceed to the finals.

Synergy and OH NO! will face off at 18:00 CET this Sunday in the finals, being shoutcasted by none other than  Lazar “Comedian” Jovic,  John “Agro” Irwin from KritzKast and 16Bit TF’s  Yolanda “Lolita” Green.

europeanunion OH NO! Alien, Silencer


Synergy europeanunion PaciF1ST, Wasabi

No League 16Bit TF “Frags & Affection” Ultiduo Grand Final
  • Sunday February 12th
  • 18:00 cet
  • 12:00 est (na)
  • 04:00 est (aus)

Who will win this match?

  • OH NO! (100%, 4 Votes)
  • Synergy (50%, 2 Votes)

Total Voters: 4

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2011 – A year in review PART 1/3


December 28th Review
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Hildreth — 2011 was a great year for me personally; being the year of the ‘panda’ in the Chinese calendar – might have made that up, it could be a smaller animal with a likeness for orange vegetables – and has been one of the most eventful years, dare I say ‘THE MOST’ eventful year in our competitive scenes history. We have had the biggest LAN to date, TF2 going Free-2-play, launch of a new casting organisation and many, many great matches. It has also been a year of doubt and controversy. The slogan ‘TF2 is dead’ being printed on TF2 discussion boards everywhere and still being typed by many there has been dispute and frustration over unlocks, LANs and growth in the TF2 scene. There has been more gossip, controversy and drama than you’ll ever see on Maury. TF2 has changed – rising stars of TF2 have gone ’pro’, old pros have gone on the Brink of losing interest and leaving the scene. Coverage has changed and developed with new people writing articles, making videos, volunteering to cast or stream and hell we have even seen a new game mode start to become accepted in Team Fortress 2. To start it off I found a gem of an old-fashioned TF2 rant/commentary by  Foster with an actual positive outlook for 2011 and to steal a quote from it made by  Darn:

Unless TF2 gets a proper LAN tournament in 2011, it will be the last year.”

Make of that what you will.

It’s been a long year. I intend to go over it month by month highlighting the memorable matches, the big dramas and the key events that defined our scene this calendar year. To avoid a TL:DR fest I will split it up into 3 parts, one to release now, one of New Years Eve and the last part in 2012. I would like to apologies to those who do not follow the Gregorian calendar, if for example you are Jewish please re-read this again in 9 months.

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Oztralia, November edition


October 24th News
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wm — LOTS going on in Australia at the moment…

ozfortress owl6 – our main league is coming to a close for yet another great season. Grand Final games are happening this week with Div4 being played Monday night (in 2nd map this very minute), Div3 Tuesday night, Div1 will be Wednesday 12:30cest (21.30 Australian EST, 06.30 North American EDT) and Div2 is scheduled for Thursday night.

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Ultiduo Reminder


August 24th Matches
Tagged: etf2l ultiduo

Imperium — Lan’s still a whole day away, so why not fill the time by watching some top ultiduo matches? There’ll unfortunately be no cast or stream, but there will be one SourceTV for you to watch as much or little as you like for 2 and a half hours tonight.

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Team gossip for ultiduo #8


July 10th News
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Imperium — With ultiduo now on ETF2L, signups have massively increased from the regular 35-50 to over 170 (and still going). Despite the expansion to 128 slots, oversubscription is likely to make a few miss out, but with quite a lot expected to drop out because of check-in you still might be able to get a spot – sign up here. All other information is in the first or second post.

Since all information is there already , I thought I’d have a quick roundup of signups (so far):

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A night of entertainment


June 12th Matches
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Update: USA vs Portugal won’t be happening, as those representing USA did not show up.

Update: Some big last minute changes regarding tonight’s matches:

  • Sweden had to cancel due to lack of available players.
  • Portugal and USA are set for playing 22.30cet, which will be covered if it actually goes through.
  • Both ultiduo games got canceled tonight, with certain players having computer problems.

VanillaTV will be bringing you a lot of TF2 action tonight (like a baws), beginning at 18:00 cest with CommFT’s Week 8 Highlander match between May Contain Nuts and  Colony. USA vs Portugal looks like this:

Read on for more information about tonights exciting games and coverage!

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Ultiduo #7 – day 2 round-up


June 6th Matches
Tagged: cup ESH La compétiTF ultiduo

Editor: Imperium left us with this very comprehensive round up. Thanks for your contribution!.

After an eventful day, 3 teams remain in the 7th edition of the ultiduo cup, with $270 still up for grabs.

aylinZ (Retsh0ck & Royze) have come out best of day 2, after winning all 3 games to be in the grand final. Their quarter final game was vs pwrkele (hocz & cookye) – perhaps up against the odds. It was a close game, with approximately 30 seconds left on the clock for pwrkele as aylinZ progressed to the semi-finals.

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