Better late than never – The ESL medals are here!


August 2nd News
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The heavy is happy to finally get his big manly hands onto the ESL medals!

CanFo —As many of you have already noticed, the ESL medals have been added to the game! Big thanks to  Ruskeydoo for the design work! I am in charge of the distribution,  DeNeusbeer is taking over the technical side of the distribution process. If you have any questions regarding the medals and could not find the answer in this FAQ or you did not receive a medal although you think you are eligible to get one do not hesitate to contact me either on IRC (CanFo / CanFoFF @ Quakenet) or via eMail ([email protected]). Because I am rather busy with exams for the next two weeks eMails are the safer way to get in touch with me.

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eXtravision #14


April 16th News
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Lucky Luke In this episode of eXtravision we are mainly covering: Valve, eXploits, CvP4, Trading system & The Defensive Engie Pack.

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TF2 Celebrity Mix-up Match 4


March 17th News
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wm — TF2 Mix-up Match has announced the line up for Match 4 and there’s 3 spaces left to be filled – by you. The team have brought an all-star list this year along with a charity event that is supporting Child’s Play.

Celebrity Mix-up Match 4

By simply making a donation you go into the running to win a wildcard spot in the game. Winners also will be receive signed merchandise from Valve and Bethesda, so make sure you get involved and donate. The higher the amount donated the greater your chance of winning. But no amount is too small to still go in the running (average donations are only $10-20).

About TF2 Mix-up

Formed in 2010, TF2 Mix-up is a collaboration between gaming communities around the globe, with the purpose of promoting Team Fortress 2, while providing a fun experience for the match participants and the audience.

For more information about TF2 Mix-up, visit:

About Child’s Play

Child’s Play is a game industry charity dedicated to improving the lives of children, with toys and games in a network of over 70 hospitals worldwide. With cash donations, they purchase new consoles, peripherals, games, and more for hospitals and therapy facilities. These donations allow for children to enjoy age-appropriate entertainment, interact with their peers, friends, and family, and can provide vital distraction from an otherwise generally unpleasant experience.

For more information about Child’s Play Charity visit:

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Steam Breach


November 11th Announcement
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Leftism — Although not TF2 related, this issue will affect everyone that will read this site. On November 6th, the Steams User Forums (SPUF) were defaced. Valve originally closed down the forums for unclear “maintenance” issues. The company later learned that the intrusion went much further than just the Steam forums alone as the investigation has revealed the intruders gained access to a number of other pieces of information relating to databases of the Steam client service. A full statement from Gabe Newell can be found after the jump.

It is stressed, however, that private information such as passwords and payment details are stored behind both encryption as well as passwords being hashed and salted – go and wiki/google/<insert preferred search method here> it if you don’t know what that means, I’m no computer security expert by any means. The investigation into Sunday night’s intrusion is still ongoing however there has been no evidence yet that any sensitive information has been cracked. Although account password changes are not being enforced at this moment in time, it is being advised by Valve as “not a bad idea”.

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Mixer #3 – Notch vs Robin Walker


November 7th Movies
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Torden — It’s starting to gain foothold this Ashkan‘ian monkey business. The latest installment features a new height of impressive names on the roster of invited celebrities to play 9v9 TF2, including a soldier showdown between former quakers  Notch (creator of Minecraft), and TF2’s own  Robin Walker. The game is commented by Nvc and Salamancer, with part 1 already racking up half a million views on facetube after a couple of days.

The bros at KritzKast made a dedicated site a while back, with all the details, demos and everything (including the 2 former matches). It’s at Part 1/2: Badwater:

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Gullywash is now official


October 13th News
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Torden — A major TF2 update tonight reveals a new map in the official map pool, none other than “our own” Gullywash, by  Arnold. Making a Valve supported map is one thing – Making one that would please hardcore Vanilla supporters is something completely different. It’s been a long development time, I’d just like to abuse my site to officially congratulate Arnold on job well done!

Although it is common practice for the latest version of maps to be used over outdated versions, ETF2L admins would like to remind teams that the “_pro” iteration is the only version teams are allowed to use at this moment in time default map, but if both teams agree, _final1 can be used. A decision on whether the latest version shipped in this value update, “cp_gullwash_final1”, will become the default league map will be made in the near future.

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2 exhibition games


October 11th Movies
Tagged: mixup match pros showmatch valve

Torden — Some valve time ago, the ultra secret Mix-up match #2 saw some of our known competitive heroes duke it out with community members, headlined by devs Robin Walker and Jon Lippincott and Dave Riller – as arranged by Asskan. The demos made their ways to eXtv headquarters and now you’ll be able to watch it in all its Youtube glory, casted by Extine.

Not only did our friends over at Kritzkast document the happening by a post match interview, they even made a supersite including all media and information you would need about it (+ Mix-up match #1). Rumour has it, Ashkan has even cranked it up a Notch with a #3 in the works.

Here’s the first map:

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