ETF2L Season 16 Premiership Week 5 TLR vs Decerto


October 27th Announcement
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byte — Another premiership action packed night, with TLR on a roll, can they make it 3 match wins in a row, or will the ‘desperately needing points’ decerto be able to steal all 6 points!

The subtle difference tonight will be how well the scouts can focus fire on what the demomen do, with big boy Hildreth outputting so much damage on average will the scouts be able to focus fire and destroy the enemy?

A win tonight for decerto will help them dramatically to avoid the relegation playoff’s, and aid them to stay in prem for next season.

eu TLR nadir, HYS, evilmoon, kiler4fun, rake, kalho


Decerto.Ozone eu furbo, zoob, sheepy, Hildreth, shifty, Bulle

ETF2L ETF2L Season 16 Premiership Week 5 TLR vs Decerto.Ozone
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  • Sunday October 27th
  • 21:15 cet
  • 15:15 est (na)
  • 07:15 est (aus)

Who will win this match?

  • Decerto.Ozone (100%, 1 Votes)
  • TLR (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 1

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Join VanillaTV tonight at 21:10 with konr & that sexy man (and voice) beasly along with that supreme Russian director Rinta

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ETF2L Season 16 division 1 Week 3 d-d-d-Did I Stutter vs The MIPC


October 10th Announcement
Tagged: beasly cp_badlands cp_metalworks_rc5 division 1 etf2l

Byte — An exciting division 1 match between two fine teams competing for premiership next season. While MIPC have been practicing hard, a draw against fenneks eSports means it’s all to play for in division 1. Losing is not a option for them, and a win will put them back in contention and the right track for potentially that automatic promotion spot.

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ETF2L Season 16 Week 2 Division 1 LEGO vs Fenneks E-sports


October 6th Announcement
Tagged: arie division 1 etf2l Fenneks E-sports LEGO

Byte — An exciting match for you tonight, with the legendary F2 moving forward with LEGO. They survived their first test against the solid but content Israeli team ahvaT hA neshariM winning in a close fought match on cp_gullywash 5-3 and cp_granary 4-3.

Fenneks e-sports on the other hand secured a draw versus the powerhouse finns The MIPC Organization, narrowly losing out on granary but deservedly winning gullywash, a straight win versus LEGO would overtake LEGO and put Fenneks right back in automatic promotion for Premiership next season.

LEGO’s roster:

Medic – F2
Demoman – Dr.Phil
Soldiers – crizzl and Natural
Scouts – helberg and zen

I caught up with F2 for a few words going into this match tonight:

“I believe it will be a really close match where small mistakes will decide who wins. Their players have more experience at this level, but with our controlled play style, I believe we have a good chance of winning both maps. Also, shoutout to calm

Fenneks E-sports

Medic – skeej
Demoman – kr4tos
Soldiers – Salmon and Killari
Scouts – gf_18 and delzic

kr4tos had a few words to say going into this match:

“After our playoff match and our week 1 match were not that what we really wanted to score in these matches. we are looking forward now to play our week 2 match now. we know LEGO is not an easy opponent since they tried really hard and playing together for a long time, but we are prepared for this match and we feel ready”


Fenneks eSports by

Fenneks eSports by eu

ETF2L Season 16, Division 1, Week 2
  • Sunday October 6th
  • 21:15 cest
  • 15:15 edt (na)
  • 07:15 est (aus)

Who will win this match?

  • LEGO (100%, 2 Votes)
  • Fenneks eSports by (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 2

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Join VanillaTV tonight with Skully + 1 and Arie on the camera like a boss! at 21:10cest.

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ETF2L Season 16 Division 1 Playoff Final 4-25 vs Elemental Violence


September 18th Announcement
Tagged: 4-25 Division 1 Playoff elemental violence etf2l haydn

Byte — After last nights performance by 4-25, will they have enough fuel in the tank to compete against the reformed elemental violence? Shrike410 the brains and leadership behind this clan has reformed the old elemental violence, into potentially something better(!)

I caught up with msh…

Q: How do you feel going into this match versus Elemental Violence?

A: Yday we had a game against Superstars. As we saw their 20pcw logs, they destroyed elem.v like 5-0. Hope we can do the same, but i dont expect an easy game here.

Q: Do you think your team will from fatigue playing 2 in a row officials?

A: I guess its bit hard to get 2 officials in a row, yday we had 5 maps + 2 Gc, 1st time for me tbh.

On paper you couldn’t predict which team would win this, both teams will be giving it their all, to stay in division 1 and have that contention of competing in the premiership division in season 17.

eu Elemental Violence Germans + mix

Elemental Violence

4-25 ru Russkis

ETF2L ETF2L Division 1 Playoff Season 16: Elemental Violence vs 4-
  • Wednesday September 18th
  • 21:15 cest
  • 15:15 edt (na)
  • 07:15 est (aus)

Who will win this match?

  • 4-25 (71%, 10 Votes)
  • Elemental Violence (29%, 4 Votes)

Total Voters: 14

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Join VanillaTV tonight, 21:15cest with Skully & a bunged up Haydn, be gentle his voice is kinda messed up! With Rinta directing the play.

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i49: The Good, Bad and Best LAN


August 27th Announcement
Tagged: bad Best Byte Good i49

Byte — With every LAN there is a aura of what things went well and some things that didn’t succeed so much. This LAN being the biggest LAN to date in relation to top TF2 teams coming across the globe, we should take a step back and see what was delivered and what wasn’t.

The attendance was slightly less than last years, but the main thing that stood out was the amount of top teams entering, and along with where they have come from. HRG coming from America and Team Immunity all the way from Australia, not to mention the top four European teams coming down:
frenchies, Infused, TCM (aka Broder), Epsilon E-sports. This made it a heavy boxing fight for the title, but also let’s not forget the other teams competing who have come to play for fun, major part of TF2 at any i-series.

TF2 Fans!

TF2 Fans!

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i49 VODs, day 1


August 27th i49
Tagged: i49 multiplay salamancer shade vanillatv

Arie — With i49 over, I finally have time to actually watch the matches. All the day 1 VODs have now been released on our youtube channel and they’re in a youtube playlist for your convenience.

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Rough guide to i49 – The VanillaTV Show


August 22nd Feature
Tagged: i49 vanillatv


Beta & Arie - It’s that time of year again, the time when your pockets are empty from the countless fundraising schemes having taken place and when you have been enjoying the great weather for once in the UK.

Of course with the summer coming to end, this means only one thing… the Multiplay Insomnia Series event taking place in Telford, UK.  This time around we are in the 49th edition of the event with over 2800 BYOC players in attendance.

We here at VanillaTV are proud to be associated and picked as coverage partners for this event, so we thought why not share some of the plans we have in place for you at home and at the event to enjoy all weekend long.

The Schedule

First off, the TF2 tournament schedule.

Friday - Group stage19:0020:002pm04:00
Saturday - Knockout stage10:0011:005am19:00
Sunday - Finals16:0017:0011am01:00

Our broadcasts will obviously based on these tournament times, so make sure to tune in at those times for our casts!

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