Wireplay Highlander Season 12 Sign Ups open!


February 16th News
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SuddenlyStarMia — A new year and a new season of Highlander! Can’t wait until ETF2L HL S6 to get your bite of 9v9? Yep, Europe’s oldest Highlander league, Wireplay, has Season 12 coming up. With last season keeping us on our toes as we watched  Kill Switch,  DAROUTOUTOU and  Highpander battle it out in the playoffs for €450 of prize money, with the runner up receiving €225. Division 1 was filled with top teams, such as  Kaften and  Heppa making rare appearances out of ETF2L. Division 2 was filled with the rest of UGC Platinum equivalent teams (and the lower divisions battled it out for free 20-man TF2 servers), with  Tourettes Chessclub emerging victorious, closely followed by  Dig Deep and  One Round Wonders. The Division 1 finals kept us on our toes, as  Highpander and  Kill Switch duked it out over one the most intricate maps in the game, as it was casted by  HiGPS and  jakeowaty on Blackout TV.

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Wireplay Highlander Season 11 – Signups Open Now!


August 18th Announcement
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beach — Wireplay’s highlander season is back, this time with a bigger prize pool than ever thanks to its mystery benefactor. b0nes (not the movie maker) has decided once again to open Wireplay’s doors for another highlander season, beginning in the early weeks of September. Here are the dates:

  • Signups Open – Now
    Signups Close – Friday 30th Aug
    Provisional Divisions – Sunday 1st Sept
    Fixtures Generated – Tuesday 3rd Sept
    Week 1 Starts – Monday 8th Sept

As well as the usual 20-man servers on offer for Division 1 3rd place and 1st place in all other divisions, Wireplay have secured funding to allocate €450 to the winner of Division 1 and €225 for second place. As well as the main season, the top 3 places in Division 1 will participate in a separate playoff to determine who is eligible for the prizes. This is very exciting news for Wireplay; a smaller league still managing to dish out prize money deserves support and signups are definitely welcomed and encouraged by b0nes and the rest of the admin team.

For more information you can contact an admin directly in #wptf2l on, or go to the Wireplay highlander page, where you will find further details of the league as it progresses.

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Wireplay Highlander Season 10 – Signups now open!


April 20th Announcement
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beach — For those of us who can’t get enough highlander, Wireplay head admin b0nes has decided to open his doors once more for another 9v9 season. UGC is over and ETF2L is entering its concluding stages, so a new highlander season is certainly called for!

Signups Open – Now
Signups Close – Friday 3rd May
Provisional Divisions – Sunday 5th May
Fixtures Generated – Tuesday 7th May
Week 1 Starts – Monday 13th May

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Wireplay 6v6 returns!


February 19th Announcement
Tagged: 6v6 beach Season 12 wireplay

beach — 2 months after the end of the last season, Wireplay head admin bones has decided to once again open his doors to all budding 6v6 teams who are looking for an alternative (or additional) league to ETF2L.

The season will be structured similarly to that of ETF2L, offering the usual 5 maps: Badlands, Gullywash, Process, Snakewater and Granary. However, b0nes has said that he’s open to suggestions for the addition of a possible 6th map; Viaduct Pro is currently being considered, but fire away with any other ideas!

Here are some important dates to add to your TF2 diary:

Now! – Signups Open
• Thur 28th Feb– Signups Close
• Fri 1st March – Provisional Divisions
• Mon 4th March – Fixtures Generated
• Mon 11th March – Week 1 Start

If you have any issues or queries, don’t hesitate to hop on the #wptf2l channel on; alternatively contact b0nes or any other Wireplay admin on Steam.

More details can be found at

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Wireplay 6v6 is Back


October 18th News
Tagged: wireplay

b0nes —After a bit of downtime and soul searching, we at Wireplay have decided to run with another 6v6 league. The new season will be our eleventh and what we consider to be somewhat a turning point for us. We have upgraded the site considerably, both front and back-end. While it may not look worlds apart from before, you will notice various improvements in functionality to address many of the highlighted issues that annoyed people in the past.  We hope things have been changed for the better… a lot better.

Season 11 will be a short one with just  6 teams per div, therefore a real quick-fire and fun season we think. This gives us time to start well after etf2l and finish well before xmas. There will then be playoffs between the top 2 teams of each div to crown the overall champion and win the tf2 servers. I really do encourage teams to signup before the closing deadline date of Monday 29th Oct.

Going forward if we can spawn a bit of new impetus then 6v6, 9v9 and maybe some cups will follow in the new year. Cash prizes and other incentives are quite hard to come by but if we can get some decent community support then never say never.

History lesson: Wireplay has been going in one form or another since 1996. I remember getting a disk from a mag in early 1999 with wireplay direct (dial up software) and tfc on it, then followed £400 quarterly phone bills.

But I digress, go and signup for 6v6 season, it cant hurt –

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Wireplay highlander season announced


April 27th News
Tagged: 9v9 League wireplay

beach – So for all of you 9v9 lovers, Wireplay have announced that they will be hosting a highlander tournament, starting on Monday 14th May.

For now, the season will be only open to European teams (or any who can play European times and on European servers), but if the season is a success, Wireplay have said that they will hopefully be able to offer teams outside Europe the chance to play in the league.

Unlocks are yet to be announced, but b0nes stated that all unlocks will probably be allowed, with the only exception being the “very overpowered”.  Maps are subject to a vote, which can be found in this thread –

Signups are now open, and the deadline for signups is Friday 4th May.

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Quarantine vs MIPC, live on VanillaTV tonight


October 25th News
Tagged: mipc open mic Quarantine vanillatv wireplay

Faint — Some Wireplay Season 9 action for you guys tonight as  The MIPC Organization takes on  Quarantine in their Division 1 week 6 fixture.

Both teams have had similar results against the other teams in division 1 Wireplay, making this a game to watch. A win and a draw for Quarantine would see them on top of the table just above         yoyotech, whereas a similar result for MIPC would see them shoot up to 2nd/3rd with a couple of games in hand over their rivals.

Tune in to VanillaTV Open Mic at 20:15 CEST to see the game unfold live, where  Comedian on the cast/stream will be joined tonight by Ramown – you can also catch us on Quakenet in #vanillatv. See you there!

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