TFTV ZOWIE Invitational #2 In Detail


January 25th Announcement
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Admirable — As promised I have compiled a more in-depth look at the TeamFortress.TV ZOWIE Invitational #2 which is happening tomorrow. I’ve got you covered for rankings, rosters, results, gossip and insight on Europe’s top eight teams. This is ETF2L Season 17 on crack!

Oh, you missed the announcement? No idea what’s going on, eh? Allow me illuminate that rock you’ve living under. This is the second invite tournament hosted by TeamFortress.TV and sponsored by the good people at ZOWIE GEAR. The current eight best teams in Europe are coming together tomorrow, Sunday, January 26th at 06:00 PST / 09:00 EST / 15:00 CET to slug it out for their chance to bag some highly coveted ZOWIE merchandise on servers provided by the ever-so-charitable The best part is that it’s being broadcast on for your viewing pleasure, with AdmirableCommanderXhuhyDucky and Jon bringing you live action, team comms, insight and interviews throughout the six hour tournament duration.

Get an eyeful of that bracket! PHWOAR! Head over to for the motherload.

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TeamFortress.TV ZOWIE Invitational #2


January 23rd Matches
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huhy — We’ve just announced an exciting new eight team invite tournament happening this Sunday.

The spectacular finale of TeamFortress.TV’s first ZOWIE Invitational proved to be a foretelling of the future. It was to give us our first glimpse of  Classic Mixup playing to their full potential against an  iT roster that was undefeated at the time. These were performances that would be emulated again in Dallas and it is with ESEA’s Season 15 LAN Finals still fresh in our memory that TeamFortress.TV are proud to present to you a second competition of the highest standard in partnership with ZOWIE Gear.

The dust has settled on the the battlefields of North America… for now. It’s as quiet as a backcap out there. In darkened rooms the shadowy figures of the invite illuminati plot each other’s demise, bargaining with the gods of Team Fortress 2 for future riches and glory. Across the Atlantic Ocean a new dawn is breaking upon European soil where the throne lays empty. It is there that our story continues…

Read the full announcement over right here.

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VanillaTV OpenMic: ZOWIE TF2 Challenge Final – Epsilon vs. Infused


June 19th Matches
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Leftism — In the first of our series seemingly dubbed “Epsilon week” we bring you this tepid bunch of adventurous schedulers’ first game is against Team Infused – a team Epsilon know very well – in the ZOWIE Tf2 Challenge final. Epsilon have had to overcome Justice League and Crack Clan – only dropping a map to the latter in a 2-1 game in the semi-final – to get into this final whilst Infused, receiving a bye in the first round, only boast a 2-0 win over TCM Gaming coming into this final.

eu Epsilon eSports F2, Extremer, schocky, wltrs, GeaR, KnoxXx

Epsilon eSports
Team Infused

Team Infused uk ben/dajackal, numlocked, cookye, JoeyC, Hat, mike

Excello ZOWIE TF2 Challenge IV - Invitational - Finals
  • Tuesday June 19th
  • 20:00 cest
  • 14:00 edt (na)
  • 06:00 est (aus)

Who will win this match?

  • Epsilon eSports (54%, 26 Votes)
  • Team Infused (50%, 24 Votes)

Total Voters: 48

Loading ... Loading ...

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Excello presents: ZOWIE TF2 Challenge IV


May 30th Matches
Tagged: cup excello invitational ZOWIE

CanFo — Are you ready for some Team Fortress 2 action? Excello is back after a short break with a new ZOWIE TF2 Challenge IV tournament!

The ZOWIE TF2 Challenge IV will be the seventh sponsored Team Fortress 2 tournament at Excello. ZOWIE Gear provides 6 ZOWIE Swift mousepads for the winning team.

The signups for the open tournament, held on Tuesday, June 5, are open from now on until the check-in starts. The maximum slots are 32.

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And Now for Something Completely Different: Kermit and Elmo Casting 6v6


March 31st Matches
Tagged: 6v6 casting elmo fatmop infused

atmo —With a barely-detectable hint of begrudging puppet rivalry, two of our favourite nonsensical childhood mouthpieces have teamed up to cast yesterday’s Zowie TF2 Challenge III final between Infused and Yoyotech. With the cheerful colours of TF2 blending happily with the occasional sing-song and demonstration of basic arithmetic, this is a perfect treat for all the family. Except for the brutal swearing and bloody violence, of course.

Credit goes to Salamancer and Qun for … well, keeping it up for a full thirty minutes. Gold stars all around!

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ZOWIE TF2 Challenge III


March 1st News
Tagged: challenge excello Invite open tf2

Sonny Black — And Excello is back! Not only for some more Team Fortress 2 action but also with a fresh new site that gives the players and team leader more options to manage their teams and tournaments! The migration should be relatively easy. Just log in with your old email address and confirm your user details – done! If that does not work, please create a new account at

In addition to that all teams have to be created once again. Since the sign-up time for the open cup is a little shorter than usual, please make sure you create your team again and add all your team mates in time.

The ZOWIE TF2 Challenge III will be the sixth sponsored Team Fortress 2 tournament at Excello. ZOWIE Gear provides 6 ZOWIE Swift mousepads for the winning team.  Read on to see the changes that have been made to this edition of the cup.

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Excello ZOWIE TF2 Challenge II Invite Final!


November 30th Matches
Tagged: arx Beta Colony dignitas epsilon

Faint — Ladies and Gents, tonight is the invite final of the Excello ZOWIE TF2 Challenge II!

With Team Dignitas coming out on top in last nights 3 map (almost 3 golden cap) thriller against Epsilon eSports, they get to face up against Relic who beat  Crack Clan in the other semi-final last night, all in aid of winning the coveted 6x ZOWIE P-TF Mousemats on offer.

Both teams had convincing wins in their quarter-final games vs. CKRAS Gaming and                Team Yoyotech, and look set to try and show that they are back in form and can be known as the #1 team in europe, a ‘title’ that Epsilon seem to have hung onto for the last couple of months.

The action kicks off at 21:15 CET and VanillaTV will be covering the match with AcidRenix and Beta casting, and Comedian on the stream.

Also covering the action tonight is n2otv, and finally TF2World.Ru TV who will have Salamancer casting.

And for you highlander fans out there, TF2World.Ru TV will be covering the ETF2L Highlander Season 1 Week 3 game, between Colony and SNSD which starts at 19:00 CET.

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